Óptimus DR Companion Animals

Changes procedure. Improves quality. Optimizes investment.

Direct digital radiography system Óptimus DR Companion Animals is made up of a detector placed under x-ray table and a "all in one PC" fixed to the wall or over a table. Detector fits any x-ray table and any conventional x-ray generator.

Óptimus DR Companion Animals affects the veterinary in three main issues: Changes workflow, making it easier and confortable; improves quality image compared to CR and film conventional systems and optimizes investment making itself profitable for the vet clinic from the first day.

Simplified workflow

Direct digital radiography DR goes beyond slower and more difficult workflow from CR systems.

Direct digital radiography system ClaroX DR delivers a simplified workflow where handling simplicity, image quality and results speed stand out. Advanced technology ready to make your investment profitable from the begining.

Flujo de trabajo simplificado en Radiografía Digital Directa Óptimus DR

Razones para elegir Óptimus DR

  • Handling simplicity
  • Simplified workflow. Direct digital radiography DR goes beyond slower and more difficult workflow from CR systems.
  • Higher image quality
  • Advanced technology flat panel and PACS software desinged for veterinary deliver maximun quality images.
  • Time saving
  • Direct way, no middle steps that make it longer.
  • Confortable
  • No cassette handling. Image goes directly from panel to PC or workstation.
  • Space saving
  • Only a "all in one" PC on the wall or over a table.
  • No equipment maintenance
  • You will not need equipment maintenance, checkings, etc...
  • Profitable investment
  • It allow you to make more examinations in less time and add value to final customer.
  • Environmental friendly
  • No liquids needed.

Main functions

  • Database including side by side viewing of images
  • Full patient data sheet
  • Multi-formatted images export (.dcm, .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd)
  • Viewing workstation sharing (PACS)
  • Accurate physical measurements
  • Adding notes, voice memos
  • Easy-to-use multi criteria search
  • Burn Image CDs with DICOM viewer
  • Images sent from other sources via the DICOM reception
  • Full screen viewing, real size viewing (orthopedics), comparisons
  • Real size paper printing (orthopedics)
  • Patients multi page reports
  • Transfer to iPhone or iPad

Technical Specifications

  • Receptor Type
  • Sensors Number
  • 45
  • Conversion Screen Type
  • Gd2O2S:Tb (other types - optionally)
  • Field of view
  • 423 x 320 mm.
  • Pixel Area
  • 2619 x 2520 (high sensitivity mode)
    5238 x 2520 (full resolution mode)
  • Screen Pixel Pitch
  • 162x126um2 (high sensitivity mode)
    81x126um2 (full resolution mode)
  • Spatial Resolution
  • 4,0 lp/mm (full resolution mode)
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • < 1% at 1mR
  • Dynamic Range
  • < 200
  • Image Acquisition Time
  • < 3 sec
  • Image Correction Time
  • < 4 sec
  • Geometric Distortions
  • < 0,5%
  • Brightness Non-Uniformity
  • < 1% of full scale maximum after sensitivity correction inside active area
  • Scan Method
  • Progressive
  • A/D Conversion
  • 14 bits
  • Exposure Window
  • 1..1000 mseg.
  • Non-responding Pixels Inside field of view
  • None
  • Data Output
  • USB High Speed
  • Size
  • 444(v) x 430(h) x 170(d) mm
  • Weight
  • 15 Kg.
  • Housing Material
  • Steel
  • Screen Protection Material
  • Carbon fiber
  • Sensors protecting material
  • Lead
  • Mounting Provisions
  • Mounting holes at lateral covers 4 threads ANSI Metric M profile M8

Radiographies taken using Óptimus DR Companion Animals

Companion Animals